Engage Czech Republic

Engage Czech Republic is unique in that we offer an experience in a nationally-run Bible College setting. Our Engage students not only get to interact with missionaries, but they also get to experience campus life in our Czech Bible college. Each semester, we offer a limited number of classes in the English language so that our Engage students can participate in the classroom setting with our Czech students. Usually, these classes are in Missions, Theology of Missions, Cross-cultural communications or World Religions, but other Bible classes are also offered based on what professors are available that semester.

Service Opportunities

Engage Students Spend 15-25 Hours Weekly in Service through:

Music / Campus Ministry Groups in High Schools / Evangelism Events / Children’s Ministry

Engage Czech Republic Dates and Cost

Fall 2021 (Sep – Dec)
Spring 2022 (Feb – May)

Due to visa restrictions, Engage Czech students can stay a maximum of 3 months.

Engage Fees Cover the Following: housing with utilities, meals, required medical insurance, internet access, language classes, local transportation, residence visa, pre-paid cell phone credits, and ministry travel excursions.

Engage Fees Do Not Cover: airfare to and from the site, personal pocket money, personal travel before, during, or after the Engage program, and personal toiletries and entertainment. Students will individually purchase plane tickets, however, the Site Directors will provide instruction and guidance in purchasing tickets.

Please Note: Engage fees do not cover student’s university fees and tuition.