Engage Your World

Spend a semester immersed in missions at an Engage site around the world or in the U.S. while continuing your studies online through a college of your choice. This is a great way to learn language, culture and ministry.

Engage Your Year

Spend one to two years on the field with Engage and know what it means to live missionally. Serve in your field of interest while earning a degree. Many students sense the call of God on their life. We believe the best way to clarify that call is to go and do the work of that calling.

Engage Your Summer

The Summer Internship is perfect for students who are looking to make their summer count and get an introduction to what living outwardly focused is all about.

2020 Summer Internships

“Engage taught me what dying to self really means. It’s truly amazing the transformation that takes place in one’s life when they finally learn to take their eyes off themselves and onto God.”
Jareb – Engage Nicaragua

“I now have a broader perspective on my relationship with God, life, culture, family and friends. It has definitely made an impact in my life by teaching me to be humble, happy at all times and serve others.”
Jahnee’ – Engage DR

“When I think of my life’s most amazing and unique experiences, serving with Engage is miles ahead of the rest. I would have never imagined that before graduating college, I’d be living in Southern Asia serving the poorest of the poor and sharing the love of Jesus.”
Daniel – Engage Southern Asia

“Engage was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It has changed my life, and God has fulfilled and exceeded every expectation I had for this year.”
RaQuel – Engage Nicaragua