As parents ourselves, we are aware of the love, time, energy and resources you have invested into the lives of your children. With that in mind, we want each and every parent to understand, we do not take for granted that Engage students are your children! That being said, we want you to know Engage is designed first and foremost with the health and safety of your son or daughter in mind, including:

Education – all students involved are working on a college or ministry degree. Engage, students have the opportunity to pursue fully accredited education of their choice!
Experience – your child lives missions, not just watches from the sidelines. They are imursed in a cross-cultural setting.
Discipleship – we want to help your child become more of a Christ follower.
Safety – because we recognize Engage students are your children, we take every step in our power to assure their safety. We take very seriously the health and well-being of your child.

Thank you again for entrusting Engage with your son or daughter. We believe their experience will be a life-changing one. If you have questions check out our FAQ page or feel free to contact us at


Helpful Tip – What parents/family can do to assist their student in “re-entry” into “regular” life when they return home:
Listen, listen, and affirm the work God has done in the student’s heart. As students come home, usually, all they want to talk about is what happened on the field. It can be discouraging to them when nobody is there to listen and affirm.  Additionally, patiently encourage them to transition into the next step of God’s plan for their life and see the opportunities to be used by God on a daily basis back in the United States. Also, they might feel left out of things back home if they have been gone for awhile, so make extra effort to see they get back in the swing of family, friends and church life.